Dr. Jung Dental Clinic

The Dr. Jung Dental Clinic is one of the very best private dental clinics in Germany. Discretion, perfection & high quality are of paramount importance to this unique dental clinic. The clinic treats patients from all over the world and has been providing top quality service for over 20 years. Equipment, knowledge & experience are established and of the highest degree.

•    5 dentists and 65 employees in total
•    an anaesthesia department
•    a diagnostics department with highly modern 3D tomography
•    a dental laboratory with 5 master dental technicians and 15 dental technicians
•    a dental aesthetics department
•    an area of 2000 m² with 14 treatment rooms and 2 operating suites (highest hygienic standards)

Specialists for:

•    Minimally invasive implantology
•    Total restoration in a very short time
•    Dental anxiety
•    Cosmetic dentistry
•    Diagnostics with 3D tomography