Full service for high convenience

We do not stop by just helping to find you your perfect doctor, we also arrange everything necessary to get you there. Being at the right place, in right time does not have to bother you. Please, just tell us your potential problems, your wishes and your available dates, so we manage everything else for you. We also provide a billing service.
We guarantee the chosen experts offer the best level of equipment, knowledge and expertise. You do not have to worry about anything.


You do not have to worry about anything, because we will take care of it.
We will schedule your appointments, according to your preferences. We will arrange all flights and bookings. You will be collected at any address in Great Britain by chauffeur driven car and taken directly to the airport. You will be flown directly to Frankfurt/Germany were you will be met by a chauffeur and taken either directly to the specialist of your choice for treatment or to a hotel nearby, where you can relax prior to treatment the next day if preferred.
The language, of course, is not going to be an obstacle – every doctor we chose is able to speak English. But if you would like to have an interpreter, we can also arrange this for you. If possible and if it is your wish, the specialists and their teams can start directly with your treatment. If necessary or if you would like to stay a night in Germany, we can book you a very nice hotel room close to your doctor, where you can relax. You will fly home relaxed and depending on the situation we will accompany you to your final destination to make sure everything works perfectly for you.

Fly-in Service (private jet)

We are also able to offer an exclusive service should you prefer, to travel to Frankfurt by private Jet landing at a local airfield close to the clinic giving you the opportunity to travel there and back in one day. We would like to talk to you on the phone about this special offer. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.